Tick Prevention and Control

tick-guideOutdoor activities like hiking and swimming can involve nuisances such as ticks and fleas that are rampant outdoors, and easy to forget. There are many types of ticks in the United States that are capable of transmitting infections, including one type that is a carrier of Lyme disease. Once brought inside the home, tick infestations can grow very quickly. Whether it’s a mild infection or something more serious, here are a few tips to help protect you from ticks and prevent tick bites:

Ticks are abundant in wooded areas so in order to prevent ticks from biting you, avoid wooded areas, especially those with tall grass. When out in a wooded area, a good idea is to stick to the trails rather than frequenting the more dense areas.

Use repellent on skin and clothing to help provide protection for a few hours. Consult a pest control professional for a safe repellent to use.

Do a comprehensive body check when leaving the area to ensure that no ticks have attached themselves to you or your clothing. Ensure that any gear and pets are similarly checked. Take a shower as soon as you’re home to be completely safe.

Use pesticides outside your house and in the yard to ensure that ticks are not allowed to flourish. For a safe and effective outcome, use the services of a pest control professional.

Landscaping Precautions
You can also take some more precautions in landscaping in order to prevent tick bites. Mow your lawn frequently and if any wood needs to be stored, stack it in a dry area. Clear any tall grass and brush around the home and create a wide barrier between your lawns and any wooded areas to restrict tick migration. Use fences to ensure that animals, such as stray dogs and raccoons that carry ticks, are kept out.

Tick Control
The infested area needs to be cleaned thoroughly with vacuuming inside, helping in eliminating more ticks. Pets, pet areas and pet bedding need to be inspected and cleaned out as well. Ensure that all cracks and crevices are treated, along with windows, furniture, and the like, for a thorough extermination.

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