Selecting a Reputable Pest Control Company

reputable-pest-control-companyPests like termites, mice, rats, cockroaches, and even ants make unwelcome houseguests. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or the suburbs; many pests set up residence in your homes without giving it a second thought. Although you may try commercial products or homemade remedies to get rid of these pests, often times these products are not effective. If you feel like giving up, don’t. You can still win the war and take control of your home and rid yourself of these pesky pests once and for all. And, you can do it quickly, easily and affordably. How? By hiring a professional pest control company to do the work for you, of course. In this article, we’ll discuss five proven tips for choosing a professional pest management company.

Ask for referrals. Your first step is to find a qualified pest management team that has experience with your pest. For instance, you wouldn’t hire an ant specialist to get rid of your mice and you wouldn’t call a rat specialist to handle your cockroach issue. Ask family, friends and neighbors for referrals for trustworthy pest management companies in your area. Inquire about their experiences, both good and bad. In most instances, someone you know has already dealt with similar issues and are likely to have references.

Interview participants. Make sure that you choose a company that uses the least toxic methods available and is able to handle any concerns including allergies, pets, sensitivities, and so on. Any prospective candidates should be able to walk you through the entire process. For instance, they should be able to tell you if they’ll use traps, exclusion, or chemicals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Here are some questions that you should ask:

  1. How many years has your company been in business?
  2. Is this company associated with any professional pest control organizations? If so, for how long?
  3. How much experience does your firm have handling my specific pest problem?
  4. Are your contractors licensed in your state? If so, what type of licenses do they have?
  5. Are your technicians up to date with licenses and do they receive additional raining? If so, what type?
  6. What type of pesticides and treatments do they use to handle pest issues? What are the active ingredients in the pesticide and do they cause any known health effects? How will the pesticide be applied?
  7. Will they use non-toxic materials that are safe for pets (like dogs, cats and birds)? How do you prevent unnecessary exposure to chemicals? What types of products will they use? For instance, will they use dust, gel, or a spray? Are there any known health risks from exposure to products used? If so, what are these health risks?
  8. Does the company offer any guarantees? If so, how long is the guarantee valid?

Call all references. Next, call all provided references to ensure that they were pleased with the services performed. In addition, you can call your State Pesticide Regulatory Agency to ensure that no complaints have been filed against them. You can also check the Better Business Bureau.

Review the fine print. Once you’ve interviewed candidates, make sure that you ask them to provide a written estimate/contract and proof of insurance. This information should include price of treatment, types of treatment provided, any guarantees, and the like. Always read through the fine print to make sure that you understand everything before you sign it.

Review the contract. Once you’ve interviewed candidates, checked references and received written offers, it is now time to review the contract. All issues should be discussed including price, types of pesticides used, and any guarantees that will be offered. For instance, since 1976, Pest Logic has offered a family-owned pest control company located in West Palm Beach, Florida, which uses low toxicity treatments and provides a guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied, they will come back out (within a reasonable time) to ensure that you are satisfied.

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