How to Get Rid of Ants

get-rid-of-antsAnts, just like any other living creature, are trying to find a safe place to live with food and water. Unfortunately, this is often in your home. Getting rid of an ant problem is a tricky task, that is not usually an easy fix. In order to get rid of the ant problem in your home, you must know why there is an ant problem.

The most common reason ants are invading a home is to look for food. Tiny black ants are often looking for sugars and meat. If the ant colony built their home near yours, they have easy access to a food source. To solve this problem, keep your home as clean as possible. Wipe down all surfaces in your kitchen with a disinfectant wipe to remove the trails other ants will be looking for. Vacuuming the surfaces in your kitchen and home every day will help prevent food crumbs from hiding where only ants can find them.


Keep all garbage together and away from the kitchen, and store food in sealed containers, jars, and in harder to access places. If ants have a harder time finding food, they won’t be spending as much time looking there.

In some cases, other types of ants, such as carpenter ants, are more difficult to control because they build their nests in more difficult to reach places. Carpenter ants like to build their nests in moist wood, which can be a sign of damage in your home. These are more difficult to find and need a more careful approach to fix. Carpenter nests can be inside, or outside your home, and typically require a thorough investigation to find the source of the problem.

The best way to get rid of ants is to keep your home clean, and have a professional, such as Pest Logic, create a plan if ants are a recurring problem in your home. Ant problems can only be fixed by getting rid of the source of the ant problem. Getting rid of the queen ant in the colony prevents more ants from coming, and makes it easier to remove the remaining ants. Sprays can help deter ants from common surfaces while working to fix the ant problem. Unfortunately, sprays rarely help to remove the infestation as a whole, because they only kill the ants that are seen on the surfaces in your home. In order to be sure that the ant problem is controlled and fixed, it’s best to have a professional remove the colony, wherever it may be, and to keep your house clean.

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