5 Tips to Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus Carrying Mosquitoes

zika-protection-tipsThe Zika virus is transmitted by the same kind of mosquitoes that carry yellow fever, dengue fever, and other viruses. It was first discovered and identified in Uganda in the 1940s. The virus is passed by mosquitoes that bite infected individuals and, in turn, those individuals can infect others, including fetuses.

When someone has the Zika virus, they can spread it through pregnancy and various types of contact such as blood transfusions or sexual contact with an infected person. Unborn babies are especially susceptible, as pregnant women infected with the Zika virus may have babies with microcephaly (unusually small brains or heads). The virus has been found in urine and in the saliva of infected individuals.

Some virus symptoms include joint pain and fever. One can also have a rash and the eyes may appear to be a reddish color. Most people, however, do not know that they even have the virus. Only about one person in five will actually show symptoms of the virus.

The Zika virus has slowly made its way to the United States and some limited cases that have popped up. The Florida Department of Health has teamed up with the CDC to keep individuals well informed concerning Zika virus updates. There is a public update every Tuesday at 2:00pm concerning changes and new cases found throughout the state. Healthcare workers are kept abreast of the latest information concerning disease control.

There are many ways that you can protect yourself from Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes. If you have any questions about how to protect yourself with mosquito misting or fogging treatments, please contact Pest-logic, an established pest control company in Florida. Also, follow these easy tips to help avoid getting bit by Zika virus mosquitoes:

  1. Arm yourself with mosquito repellent. Lemon oil, products containing DEET, and Picaridin are all recommended as effective and safe repellent options by the CDC.
  2. Use your clothing to repel mosquitoes. Baggy clothes add good protection against virus-carrying mosquitoes. Wear long pants and long shirt sleeves to help. Be sure to wear a hat and cover your eyes with sunglasses.
  3. Mosquito-proof your home. Get rid of all standing water sources outside of your home. They are great breeding grounds for a mosquito infestation. Also, eliminate any water that may be standing inside of the home. Fortunately, mosquitoes hate chlorine in pools; however, they love standing water in flower pots and bottles. Pest Logic has a unique patented mosquito misting system that can be used daily. Each misting system features leak detection, automated agitation and water replacement, proprietary digital dosing, online troubleshooting for low solution levels, and more. When the system is activated, it releases a kill-on-contact and repellant mist that is highly-effective treatment against Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes, larvae, and other insects. We also have mosquito fogging treatments that are performed every 21 days. This treatment consists of fogging, larvicide, and granular repellants. This treatment is extremely effective when applied to treated areas, foliage and standing water.
  4. Make sure to be safe when traveling. In addition to mosquito-proofing your home, it is best to avoid travel to Zika virus-infected areas, especially if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. If you must, be sure to find areas that have a great deal of air conditioning and other means of mosquito protection such as netting, etc.
  5. Take your exercise regimen indoors. Instead of running around the track or taking that walk around the park, consider exercising inside. When you work out, your heat and sweat will attract unwanted mosquitoes. Indoor exercising is your best choice.
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