Pest Management

This service will cover ants, roaches, silverfish and spiders.

Ticks and Fleas

The soft, warm fur of dogs and cats provides the perfect environment for fleas and ticks.


Termites are detrivores, or detritus feeders.


Stop mosquitoes from living and multiplying around your home or business.

Bedbug Treatments

After a very thorough inspection of harborage areas, treatment strategies are used to eliminate the existing infestation of bed bugs.

Rodent Control

All entry points will be sealed to prevent any future rodents from entering and the trapping and removal process will begin.


A Technician will utilize either a backpack sprayer or pressurized spray unit to apply insecticide depending on location and severity of infestation.

White Fly Treatment

Protect your plants and trees with a complete White Fly Treatment.

Complete Lawn Service

Environmentally sensitive lawn care and expert landscaping

Wildlife Trapping

Pest Logic provides Non Harmful Wildlife Trapping, removal and exclusion services.